Platform Features

An overview of the main features of the platform

Syndicate Management

Add users to your syndiate and share information such as sightings and cull records with them. You can also send notifications to them when you plan to go stalking.

Cull Management

Store records of all your cull's so you can quickly and easily review and generate cull plans where necessary.

Report Generation

Generate reports from all areas of the platform, detailing the information you require.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile device friendly so you can update details and notify others when in the field.

PDF Generation

As the platform is completely web based we understand that many people still like to keep a paper record of their data, that is why through-out the platform we have enabled the user to generate PDF exports of their selected data.

One advantage to using the platform is that it keeps a central record of all your culls, and with each cull record the platform allows you to generate a cull tag with all the information pre-populated; all you have to do is hit print!

Location Management with Google Maps

The platform brings with it the benefits of using Google Maps. As a stalker you are now able to outline your stalking grounds to build up a detailed picture of your data. Not only can you record sightings of deer as records, but you can specifically place a marker on the map showing you exactly where you spotted that deer.

Thinking about going stalking, and want to notify fellow stalkers or friends and family on your plans; complete a stalking record in the platform and select the email option, and they will be sent an email showing your stalking location.

Remote Trail Camera Integration

Sync pictures taken with your trail camera straight to your account and have an email alert sent to an email address.

More features

  • Tracking device compatible for lone workers.
  • Share stalking outing with fellow stalkers.
  • Manage multiple stalking locations.
  • Collect sightings data for your managed locations.
  • Cloud based for access 24/7 from any location

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